Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Little Mister's Stash Bash

I really can't believe it, but my baby boy just turned ONE YEAR OLD! I swear I was just pregnant! But, with having children comes so many wonderful things! And one of which I have been excited and looking forward to...Party Planning!! About 3 months or so before Liam's birthday, I started looking at themes and ideas for a first birthday party. I came across this newer theme called "mr. man" or 'little mister" or "stash bash". I immediately loved this because everyone is always saying how much Liam looks like a little man. I thought it was a fun theme without being to childish or corny.
So the plans and research began. I scoured the internet (especially pinterest) for ideas and compiled them into an inspiration folder. I gradually worked on each piece for months being that we are always on a very tight budget! I pulled the whole party together for little to nothing and I am so excited to share it with you all!

It all started with this color scheme. Navy, Orange, and Teal. I designed this invitation and then printed and cut them myself out of card stock. I have this exact invite for sale on my Etsy page!
(There is a watermark shown for copyright protection and of course our information has been changed for security reasons)

Here is the dessert table! I found the table cloth at Target for $3.99! I designed all of the printables and printed them at home. Most of the supplies were bought at the dollar store!

I thought it would be cute to buy the cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby (only $2 each!) and cover them with scrapbook paper! Just lay your letter on the paper and trace it with a pencil. Then use an exacto knife to cut them out! We are also going to be using these letters in his 12 month photos this weekend!

I wanted the desserts to have a "manly" feel, so I used a cookie recipe that I LOVE for Chocolate Orange Cookies and turned them into "Old Fashioned" desserts. For those of you who don't know, an Old Fashioned is a whisky drink made with an orange slice and maraschino cherries. I just layered the cake and chocolate inside of a plastic glass (also from the dollar store...I thought they looked like mini whisky glasses) and then topped them off with orange flavored frosting and a cherry!

My sister-in-law helped me make these sugar cookies with royal icing. It took pretty much an entire day to do and luckily she was here to help me make them, otherwise I would have never finished. These things take way too much time! But they were so cute and tasted so yummy! I bought a .99 dog bone cookie cutter and bent it until it looked more like a bow tie. We then frosted them in argyle, stripe, and chevron patterns!

I also made these chocolate mustaches with a candy mold. SO EASY! I just melted 3 different kinds of chocolate, poured them into the mold, and put them in the refrigerator! I bought the tin bucket at Target for $2 and then filled the bottom with styrofoam. I placed a cut piece of scrapbook paper on top and stuck the sticks into it! 

This was the drink area. I made drink and food menu printables and then wrapped them with scrapbook paper folded to look like a french cuff, then glued a small button on the corner! The straws are from a beautiful website called Shop Sweet Lulu! They have stripy straws in every color you could ever imagine!

I used small water bottles and created cute labels for them (Wet your Whiskers, Real Men Drink Water, and Little Mister). I then topped each bottle off with a plastic mustache I got from this great site called Maxton Men. These were the hit of the party! They can go on any bottle too!

This smash cake was made by my sister in law who makes her own custom cakes. I just topped it off with a cute flag banner!

These props were left out for our friends and family to use throughout the party to take silly, fun photos! I made the mustaches out of thin foam board and the ties out of scrapbook paper, then just attached them to small wooden dowels.

Here is a pic of my little family!

This is the daughter of a good friend of mine...see the mustache clips even work on binkies! Too cute!

When I went shopping for Liam's outfit, I planned on just getting him a cute collard shirt and a tie, but when I was looking through the GAP I came across this PERFECT onesie that had a mustache, glasses, and Little Man printed on it! Plus it was on the clearance rack for $4!! The little tie was at The Children's Place on clearance for $3.99 too! I really hit the jackpot!

And here is my baby digging into that cake! So much fun!

We had a blast at his first birthday party and it was so much fun putting it all together! Can't wait for next year! Hope I inspired you with this cute Stash Bash theme!

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