Thursday, November 8, 2012

Master Bath Upgrade!

 I know I mentioned that after we finished the master bedroom, we were moving on to the master bath, and we did...but although we finished the big things, it has taken forever to find those perfect smaller pieces to finish off the space. I finally feel like its finished and ready to show you pics and share some awesome tips!!
The first thing we did is paint the bathroom to match the bedroom. I always think its best to treat your master suite as one cohesive space. The color is Porpoise by Behr.
I found some beautiful cream print fabric and made some short curtains to sit over the bath.

I found this apothecary sign on clearance at garden ridge and I loved the rustic look. I paired it with 3 capese shell mirrors for a more beachy, classy look. The decorative hand towels are from Anthropology and probably cost more than most items in the bathroom, but they were so perfect I couldn't pass them up. Each room in your home should have something special that makes you feel good.

Candle holders don't always have to hold candles! You can put anything on them. In this case I found these shell balls to place on top of the crystal bases.

We changed out the lighting since our builder put in those horrible beauty bar lights. I chose these inexpensive black fixtures from Lowes. They were about $50 and let me give you an invaluable tip!!!! You can change your lighting out yourself and save yourself TONS of money!! You do not need to hire an electrician and pay upwards of $75 an hour! That's more than my light cost! Just turn off the breaker to that light and follow the instructions that come with the fixture. Normally its as simple as red wire to red wire, white to white, and ground wire (copper) to ground screw. I promise, its so easy!! I did these myself!

The vanities are what we chose when we built the house, so they had to stay as is. Same with the counter tops. And since our mirrors were so big, we decided to add framing to them instead of ripping them down. We bought molding with a small detail on one side, mitered the corners, and used heavy duty mirror adhesive to glue them to the front of the mirror. I then painted them white and we LOVE them! You can do this project for as little as $30!
Tip: There is no rule that says all of your metals have to will see we have brushed nickel, black, and brown.

I bought these frames at the dollar store and found black coral images online. I printed them at home on cardstock and put them in the frames! Voila, $2 art! We removed the towel rings and replaced them with these hooks ($2 ea. at Hobby Lobby).

This is the hubby's side...same thing, just smaller lol.

We removed the towel rack and added this beautiful wrought iron piece from Hobby Lobby ($20). It has towel storage on top and hanging storage below. I love it! I also printed photos of Seaside Beach from one of our recent WA/OR trips and had them printed and wrapped them on canvas!

This is the back wall of the toilet room. Really a room that no one sees but the hubby and I, but it needed something! I added shelves I had stashed in a closet (The Christmas Tree Shops, $5ea). I added a basket for toilet paper storage, some flowers, jars for q-tips and cotton balls, and a larger basket to hold those private/feminine items.

I literally shopped the kitchen section at Target for my under sink organization. This is a wooden plate rack I used to hold all bottles and daily use items. Try walking every ilse in a store like Target and reimagining items for different uses! It can be so much fun!

I bought a wine rack to hold my irons. Since I have 1 straightening iron, and 3 different sized curling irons, I needed something to hold everything! And I love how well this works!

Here is a further back shot from the bedroom looking in.

I found this 5x7 rug at Garden Ridge for $40. I wanted to do a full rug instead of 2 smaller ones in front of each vanity (which is a typical bathroom design). My son is always playing in the bathroom while I get ready and I wanted a soft space for him to play!
Ok, so there you have it! I hope you got lots of DIY and inspirational ideas! My main reason for posting about my personal and work projects is to give you all the free advice I can, so I hope I helped someone out there!
We have since moved on to the master closet and I just have one more finishing touch until I can say its finished too! Stay tuned...