Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthdays, Showers, Babys and More!!

  I have so many new, fun custom graphics to share with you guys!!
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All of my invitations are completely customizable! You can change the color scheme, font, wording, you name it! Just message me through Etsy and I will help to custom design anything you need!
These are all printables, which means I send you the hi-res jpeg and you can print them wherever you'd like!

This is an invite I designed last summer, but I keep getting requests to change up the color schemes, so here is the most current one!

I also now have a matching backside available! Free with purchase!

Don't see what you are looking for? Just message me and I will work with you to create whatever graphics you need!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Girly Pink and Green Bedroom

I just finished this sweet, girly, pink and green bedroom for my client's daughter! I am so proud of how it turned out! It was so fun to do a little girls room since I personally have 2 boys and I tend to do a lot of boy rooms! My client's only instructions were that her daughter loved pink, green, and horses. She is 9 years old and they wanted to make sure the room was fun and girly, yet able to transition with her as she grows. And here is how it all turned out!  

We painted the walls Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. It made a HUGE difference from the Pepto pink that was in there before!

Here is a before and after. We kept the black wrought iron bed. 

Before and After

I added this little reading nook in the corner. 

This is the before and after of the chair. It was a $50 chair on Craigslist that I had reupholstered. All fabrics are from

This is the before and after of the reading nook area!

I had the chair done in an all over green and white busy pattern and then the seat cushion done in a floral pattern. The piping around the seat is the same as the green on the chair. I made the plaid pillow to add to the chair and tie in with the bedding. 

The furniture pieces in the room were family antiques, so I just had them repainted to give them a more modern, updated look. I went with the color Lemongrass by Sherwin Williams and I of course had them re-done by the fabulous Stephanie with Something Old~Something New!

I switched out the lighting with this simple black iron chandelier. The shades it came with were a simple cream color so I added a green satin ribbon along the bottom of each shade with hot glue! This is such a simple, easy way to take something from a big box store and make it a one of a kind piece!

For the bedding, I went with white sheets and a white textured duvet (Threshold from Target). I added these beautiful iron lamps with burlap shades to each night stand for a rustic touch (keeping with the horse theme)(from Hobby Lobby). The night stands were also re-painted and I added a few decor items such as a personal photo, faux flowers, and a pink clock!

I made custom shams with a pink and white large scale plaid and a floral ruffle. I also made the pink chevron and horse applique pillow! My favorite way to decorate is by using lots of fun prints and patterns and pulling them altogether to make a warm inviting space!

Here is a close up of the horse applique pillow. I went with a solid pink pillow and a small scale green pattern for the horse. (Custom made applique pillows are now available in my Etsy store! For all blog readers...enter code STYLEWISE for 20% off all purchases!!!)

Next to the bed is a tall dresser (also re-painted). I hung this 'love' art above and styled the top with horse bookends and the child's favorite books, a personal photo, and a fun pink quatrefoil basket!

Here is a close up!

Horse head book ends from Hobby Lobby!

At the foot of the bed I added a soft green and white scroll print throw. This not only adds texture and color to the white bedding, but it serves a second purpose as a blanket to cuddle up with in the reading nook!

Above the bed, I did a collection of items starting with an empty wooden frame and a burlap name banner, then a round black mirror, a word art piece in the rooms color scheme, and the letter 'J' framed in a black frame and backed with scrapbook paper. All from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. 

Here is a close up of the burlap name banner. This was custom made for the space by Two Chikkadees on Etsy!

The pink curtains give the room a soft, warm, girly feel. They balance out the room so nicely next to the grey walls. 

Here is a close up of the dresser details and the ruffled bottom portion of the curtains. 

Since the windows were so tall, I knew I would have to make custom curtains so I used a dupioni silk for the top half and a sheer ruffle for the bottom half. 

The windows already had plantation shutters so we wanted stationary curtains to sit on either side. I used a large wooden dowel curtain rod and cut them down to the size I wanted. 

I also kept with the 'horse theme' by using a burlap floor lamp next to the chair. 

Above the short dresser, I hung a gorgeous canvas horse painting and styled the dresser with rustic white candle sticks and pink candles. 

I used a large 8x10 brown rug to ground the space and provide a soft place for the girls to play! It is made of Jute and Chenille 4x4 squares. This is a way to add texture and pattern without using multiple colors. 

My client had requested that I provide some sort of organization/display for all of her daughters toy horses. I bought these 4 milk crates from Michaels, stained them, nailed them together, and hung it on the wall as a shelf. Now her toys look so cute and add to the theme of the room!

On the wall next to the bed, I found this beautiful wood frame with burlap matting at Home Goods. I custom made this horse graphic using the patterns from the online fabric swatches I used in the room!

 I absolutely could not wait to show you all this space and I can't wait to hear your feedback! I hope you are inspired by this fun, girly space!

Monday, June 3, 2013

It's "cool" to be 2!

Well another year has flown by and my baby boy is already 2! When I was trying to think of a party theme for this years bash, I decided to make a list of all the things Liam loves right now. I knew he loved trains, cars, animals, etc. but one thing in particular stuck out in my mind...Happy Feet! This child is sooooo obsessed with the movie Happy Feet. We watch it 4-5 times a day and I AM NOT over-exaggerating!
So, the theme was set, but my next task was how to take a Happy Feet themed party and make sure it wasn't corny! If you are a frequent reader of my blog posts, you already know that I am not a fan of corny baby/kid stuff. So, how do you take a movie where penguins sing and dance and turn it into a classy kid party? Well, here is what I came up with!

This is the invitation I designed for the party. I chose a modern color scheme of black, white, orange, and light blue. I added modern patterns such as herringbone and stripes. The penguin image is also a simple modern design. These are now available in my Etsy store as well! And starting today if you see any item on my blog that is for sale in my Etsy store, you can use code STYLEWISE and get 20% off your entire order!
I came across these black tin mini buckets with white board stripe in the $1 section at Target. I knew the moment I saw them that I could somehow turn them into penguin favor tins for the kids! I bought a bag of eyes at the dollar store and some orange scrapbook paper. From there it was all too simple! A little cutting and hot glue, and you have a penguin! I just added the names of each guest on the sides! They turned out so cute and ended up being my favorite thing for the party!

For snacks we had powdered donut holes (snowballs) and goldfish crackers (since we all know penguins eat fish) :)

I also bought these clear cups at the dollar store and filled them with blue jello and swedish fish, so each little penguin (guest) could fish for their own fish!

Now this is where I am totally not afraid to make fun of myself. I was determined to make these penguin cake pops I saw on Pinterest. I feel like cake and cupcakes are so overdone lately and I just wanted to do a different dessert! Well, you can see how that turned out! LOL! Let's just say that condensation and edible food markers don't mix!
If you haven't been to, you must! Their motto is 'where good intentions come to die' lol. These are hilarious!
Continuing with the water theme, we had a kiddie pool, a sprinkler, and squirt guns for the kiddos to play with!


Here is a sweet shot of me and my birthday boy!

The kids had a blast playing in the water!
This was such a fun, simple party and Liam loved it! You don't have to go overboard with a theme to make it stand out. We had a few key items that showed what the theme was and that was enough! I hope our fun Happy Feet party inspires you for your next event!