Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabulous Foundation

 As you know, the whole reason for this blog and my design company is to provide you all with as much information as I can so you can live the most stylish life on a wise budget! Hence the name Style with Wisdom. This week I want to share with you a new makeup product that I have come to LOVE! Now, the photo below is a terrible photo of myself without any makeup on so brace But, I do feel that it is important for women to see each other in a not-so-glamorous state. At least 3 days out of the week I am in sweat pants, no makeup, and my hair in a bun.

We strive to look like the models in magazines, but we all know that those women have a team of makeup artists, professional photographers, and PHOTO SHOP!! I promise you that the photo below was NOT touched with photo shop except to split the 2 images and add the product on the side. This is a true before and after.

I have my parents to thank for my blemish-free skin and I feel so blessed to have never had to deal with acne problems or scarring. But, I am a girly-girl down to my core and I love to play with makeup. I have worn all kinds of foundation since I was in my young teens. I am always striving for that poreless, smooth, even tone. I have tried creams, liquids, pressed foundations, and tinted moisturizers. Brand names from Cover Girl at only $5 per bottle to Bobbi Brown at $50 a bottle and everything in between.

I recently saw an episode of Nate Berkus where celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy (makeup artist for What Not to Wear), took an audience member into a drug store to prove that there are the same ingredients in the $5 products and the $50 department store products. I have been waiting to hear someone say this for years!

I finally felt like I could stop worrying about the cost and the brand name and just focus on what worked best.

About a month ago I came across a pressed foundation at ULTA. The brand is ULTA Fabulous Face Oil Free Pressed Foundation. The cost was only $12. Most of the time ULTA brand products are buy one get one free so I also purchased ULTA Foundation Primer. It was normally $12 as well. Plus, I had signed up for their free points program and I get a coupon in the mail every few weeks where you get $3.50 off a $10 or more purchase. This means that I get my 2 foundation products for ONLY $8.50!!!

Ok, ok, cost aside....this stuff is AMAZING! It is fairly thick so it really is a full coverage product. It gives my skin such a smooth, even tone, poreless base. I use a foundation brush to apply it and that way I can control how thick I want it to be. It does not feel heavy, or cakey on my face. After putting it on, the rest of my makeup is so easy! Bronzer, blush, liner, and i'm out the door!

This is the foundation primer. I put this on after my moisturizer and before the actual foundation. It only takes a small pea size drop to cover the entire face. It feels like silk on your face and really preps your face for the foundation.

Ok here it is. Now you know what I look like most of the week sitting here writing my But isn't the transformation incredible!? I always suggest sweeping the left over makeup on your brush down your neck and jaw line so you don't have a line there.
I really felt compelled to share this with you so you can try it too! My sister has now begun using it and she swears by it! Please let me know if you do try it and what your thoughts are, good or bad! I hope you love it as much as I do!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Office is Finally Finished!

Well, it's official! We have finally finished decorating my office. It feels like we have been working on this room for years! Oh, wait, that's because it has been years! Those of you who have been following some of my projects for the office know that when we first moved into our home, this room was a formal dining room. It was completely decorated as a dining room for the first 2 years until recently we decided to turn it into our home office. We literally used the dining room twice in 3 years. I think it is important for every room in your house to be fully functional and now this room really is! Here are some of the before and after photos as well as some more detailed photos. I will explain each photo including design tips and cost info!

This is the best shot I could get of the entire room.

This is the bookcase that my husband and I built together from IKEA Billy bookcases. Read my post here on how we made it for under $300!

This was a $24 lamp from Home Goods. I just used some $2 navy ribbon and hot glue to trim the edges. Now it looks like it was made for the room!

I am so in love with these curtains! The white part was a premade panel (with grommets at the top) from Big Lots. They were only $12 each!! But of course not long enough, so I found this beautiful patterned fabric by Waverly an purchased 1 yard to add to the bottom. 

I just ripped out the hem on the premade panel and then sewed a small section of the patterned fabric to the bottom. This is a new service my company is now offering to those of you really looking to save money on curtains. You can have a custom look for less. I have been making these like crazy ever since! Check out my website for more information!

These were brown leather chairs from Garden Ridge. They were on clearance for $50 and then I had them recovered with this Waverly fabric called Hidden Treasures Lakeside. There is a local company in the Dallas area called Texas Susannie's and she can get fabric cheaper than anywhere I have seen. Here is a link to this particular fabric on her site! The mirror is from IKEA for $20. It was black and I spray painted it white to go with the room.  

This drum shade pendant is from Lowe's and was only $149!! It really helps to complete the space!

This was an old cabinet I purchased on craigslist for $100. I then painted it white, rubbed down the front shutter style doors with sand paper to give it an older worn look, and changed out the hardware. These knobs were only $2ea. at Hobby Lobby. Changing out the knobs on your furniture is one of the easiest things you can do to update the look of the piece!

These were frames from some old art I had, that no longer fit my decor style. I removed the art, typed up one of my favorite quotes and printed it!

I always think it is important to have lots of family photos around your home. This is one of my favorite photos. I think placing the first  letter of your last name next to a wedding photo can be such a cute way to display your marriage!

I made these pillow cases from left over fabric and used them to cover some old pillows. I love mixing and matching patterns in a space. It really helps pull the room together!

I really love the way the room turned out! It has such a calming feeling to it. I used to take the laptop out of the office and use it in the living room on the couch, but now I have such a great excuse to use it in my office!