Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chalk Lettering 101


I bought this cute chalkboard on clearance at Kirkland Home and I was determined to learn how to write in chalk (and not have it look like my 3 year old wrote it). So, after researching many different techniques, I decided to try it out! It worked so well that I just had to share! If you are looking to decorate a cute chalk board in your home, this tutorial is definitely for you!

I began by looking for what I wanted the chalkboard to say. Since I knew I would be hanging it in the kitchen, I thought this quote by Julia Child was perfect! I typed up the quote in a couple of fun fonts, and traced it from my computer screen to regular printer paper (you could print it too, but I was lazy). The paper was cut and pasted together to the exact shape of my chalkboard since it was larger than 8.5x11.

You will first need to "season" your chalk board. This simply means to take a piece of chalk on its side and rub it all over the board. Then lightly dust it all off with a rag. This gives the board a more worn/used look and allows the chalk something to adhere to. 
Next you'll want to do the same thing on the back of the paper you just wrote your quote on. Literally turn the paper upside down, and rub the chalk on its side all over the paper. Then very carefully lay the paper right side up on your chalkboard. (chalk side down, pencil side up)

You will then trace over each letter and design with a pencil and the chalk you rubbed on the back will magically appear onto your chalk board. Once you have finished, remove the paper. You will see that it is not perfect and needs some touch up, but it gives you a really good outline!
Make sure you have a sharpener, a bowl of water, and q-tips near by. Dip the tip of your sharpened chalk pencil into the water and begin tracing over the letters on the chalk board. The wet chalk helps to give a smooth finish. It may look funny while it is wet, but it will change to perfection before you eyes as it has time to dry. Use a q-tip dipped in water to clean up any mistakes. 

This was my final product and my very FIRST try! I am pretty proud of the way it turned out! SO of course I am now obsessed with chalk lettering and I want to buy every cute chalk board I see lol!
Try it, it is so easy and such a fun custom craft to do!