Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites! #6

This Smashbox Primer is amazing for evening skin tone and minimizing pores. It is soooo silky to the touch and feels amazing on the face. But, most of all, it preps your skin for foundation and keeps it looking amazing ALL day long! The full size bottle of this primer is pretty spendy, but you can get the mini travel size for $10 (normally by the checkout counter at Ulta and Sephora) and it will last you months!

I have been excited all week to tell you guys about this foundation!! Let me first start by saying that since I started wearing makeup, I have had a fear of powder. I never used it because I always thought it would make my face look dry, cakey, and well, powdery! But I saw this new foundation from Lo'real and I thought I would at least give it a try...
It. Is. Amazing! It is so light weight that I feel like I'm not wearing any makeup at all! It is a thin liquid that almost immediately dries into a powder like formula. Although sheer and lightweight, the coverage is amazing. I still apply it with my flat top kabuki brush and then add a small second coat only in the places that need slightly more coverage. My only complaint about this product is the pour top bottle. I really wish all foundations came with a pump!
**Tip: When buying foundation, try to match it as closely to your neck as possible. Don't match it your wrist, don't get it in a shade darker to make yourself look more tan, and remember, you can return it if it doesn't match or you don't like it! It is only $9 at Kroger Stores and $12 at CVS 
Try it and let me know what you think!

This blush, Frat Boy by The Balm was on special on Haute Look a few weeks ago. It was over half off so I just had to try it being that I love all The Balm products! And lets face it, I'm obsessed! The color pay off is incredible. I barely tap my brush in the powder and it is covered in more than enough product! The color is a beautiful pinkish peach shade that would look beautiful on anyone!

I stumbled across these little chalkboard labels on Pinterest last week when I was so fed up with the mess of spices in my pantry! I had over 40 bottles of random spices on the top shelf of my pantry. I couldn't see what I had, some were beyond expired, and they took up a ton of space. So, I decided to buy small spice jars from Ikea (these are 4 for $3.99).
I typed in my own spices on these labels (the program is already set up for you when you follow this link), printed them, cut them out, and stuck them to the tops of each jar. I then put them in the drawer next to the stove.
Ahhhhh organization is good for the soul!
Here is the link so you can make your own labels!!
Here is my drawer of spices now!!!

This one is for all of the mommas out there who are fed up with the "spill proof" sippy cup that is definitely NOT spill proof! I can't tell you how many cups I have been through that I still end up cleaning up after! When I was shopping for my sons Kids Day Out supplies, I came across these Playtex Disney sippy cups. I let Liam pick out the characters he wanted to make it fun for him (he went with Cars and But the best part, THEY DON'T SPILL!!! They are also insulated to stay cold! I believe I paid about $6 each. Well worth it!

And to follow the sippy cups... we were instructed to have our child's name on everything they would be bringing to school. Of course the lazy part of me said, ok, ill write on the bottom with a sharpie. Then I thought, NO! I am going to do something cute and special for Liam! So, I found these Orbit Labels online at You pick the color and style you want and they will stamp 4 labels with your child's info and ship them to you! It is around $12 for 4 labels! They arrived yesterday and I am so happy with them, I just had to put them on my Friday Favorites list!
Here is a quick pic I took of Liam's so you could see it!




Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Virtual Design Idea Boards!!

 Style with Wisdom has a new addition to help you design your best room yet! I now have Virtual Design Idea Boards available for purchase through my website, email, and my Etsy store! I have been doing these for local clients for a while now, but I have decided to offer them to all customers local and non-local.
If you have an idea or color scheme you'd like for your room, but you can't seem to figure out how to pull it all together, this is the perfect thing for you!
Just send me your ideas and  for only $30, I will create a custom Idea Board for your space that includes color scheme, furniture, accessories, and space layout! You can then choose to hire me to take care of it all for you, or you can do it all yourself!
Here are a few examples that I have done recently!

My hopes are that these Idea Boards will help you build the space you've always wanted!