Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Basic Barstool Turned Fabulous Vanity Stool!

Hey guys! I know I have been absent from the blogging world for a few weeks now, but I was taking some much needed vacation time with my family! But, I am back and I have so many new projects and recipes to share with you!

Before we left on our vacation, we began working on decorating our master bathroom. It is almost complete and I wanted to give you a sneak peek by showing you this fun, easy stool makeover project!

I have a vanity area on my side of the bathroom and I really wanted a cute stool to sit on while I did my hair and makeup. I found this stool at Garden Ridge for only $39.99. I loved that the legs were already white, but definitely did not love the two-tone look of the wood seat. I also wanted the seat to have a cushion since yes, it does take me quite some time to put on my face lol.

Front view of the stool-before

Top view of the stool-before

First I cut a piece of foam batting to fit the top of my stool. Most all craft stores sell this stuff for only a few dollars. You can choose how lofty you want it to be.

I used this Gorilla Glue (from Lowes) to glue the foam down to the wood seat. My husband and I swear by this stuff and use it in almost every project we do around the house involving wood!

I then cut some old scrap fabric, left over from the master bedroom curtains, to fit the stool. I used a staple gun to wrap it tightly around the seat.

I folded my corners to make sure there was a tight, smooth crease.

And here is the finished product!

Here is a sneak peek of the new cute stool sitting under the vanity area! I love it so much and I love how it adds another element of texture to the space.
This project could be done in so many ways from a craigslist find to a bright color paint to a fun geometric fabric! Don't worry about screwing this one up...this is definitely a beginners project! And have FUN with it! Remember, just because the store sells an items one way, doesn't mean you can't change it to make it perfect for you!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cucumber Vodka

If you're looking for a new, refreshing summer drink, this is it! It is a Cucumber Vodka  Spritzer! If you haven't tried cucumber vodka, it is a must! Especially if you are a fan of cucumber! In my case, I love cucumbers so much, I can sit and eat a whole cucumber as a snack.
I am not a huge fan of sugary, sweet drinks, so I am always on the lookout for new drink recipes that are clean and refreshing.
Pearl makes a huge range of flavored vodkas. Just click here for a list of recipes!
Serve it in a mason jar with a fun straw and you have the perfect summer drink!