Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shutter Love


Ok y'all, take a look at these old shutters...what do you see? Trash, junk, a filthy mess? Well, that's what my neighbor saw! She had these stashed away in her garage for who knows how long and was about to dump them in the trash! Me on the other hand, I saw some soon to be gorgeous decor for my back patio!!! Have some vision people!

Here's a close up to show you just how nasty they were lol! Because we needed a close up right? lol
The first step to refinishing these beauties was just a little soap and water! I scrubbed them down to give me a clean surface to paint. 
I chose this gorgeous shade of blue by Sherwin Williams called Jay Blue. I was inspired by my new patio pillows to go with a brighter blue color. Everything on my patio is very brown and I needed a few pops of a happy color! So, without further due, here are my shutters now!

Gorgeous right?! After giving them a solid 2 coats of Jay Blue, I dry brushed them with a very light cream khaki color to make them look distressed. 

I hung them side by side above the ginormous bench my hubby made completely of reclaimed wood pallets! The pillow you see there on the left was my color inspiration for the shutters. 

I added a couple of moss wreaths (Joann Fabrics) tied on with some burlap ribbon. I am so pleased with how these turned out and what I love even more is that I took something that was going to be trash and turned it into decor!! I'd like to think that if we all rescued some trash, there would be just a few less things deteriorating in a land fill. I hope I have inspired you to find some trash and turn it into treasure!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Shades of Indigo: Rustic Industrial Living Room

  My two absolute favorite things when it comes to decorating are 1. the color blue and 2. pattern mixing. This gorgeous living room design I just finished for a new client encompasses both! So excited to share these photos with you!!

I have a pillow obsession!

I love any mixture of wood and metal!

Boxes like this are so great when decorating, because not only do they look beautiful, but they are functional! You can hide just about anything!!

Just by taking the plastic covers off of a book, they instantly become great decorations!

For this photo gallery wall, I used vintage prints of my clients favorite city, New Orleans!

Isn't this little chest so cute!? Love the blue and grey finish!

This metal and wood art is one of my favorite pieces in this design! I also love that they are so big and add such a focal point to the fireplace mantle!

You know I always love a fireplace basket!

My favorite candles ever!! Thank you, Target!

My signature custom curtain look! You can always add length by adding a decorative fabric.

Custom cornice box over the door window.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bright and Fresh-Living Room Update!

There are times when my clients just don't need a full room makeover and they hire me to re-work a small area, or just move some décor around the house! I offer what I call the "Pull-It-Together" Package (more info on my website). In this case, I created a beautiful little sitting area, re-arranged décor, and made some custom window treatments! This robin's egg blue color just never gets old to me!

Custom chalk art for a coffee bar.

Mantle décor.

Entry way console table and décor.

Custom door roman shade.

Custom table runner.

Hearth basket.

TV entertainment center décor.