Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Talk Hair!

  Today I want to give a shout out to my wonderful hair stylist Sara! I have been seeing Sara for all of my hair needs for the past 2 years. And let me tell you, before I met Sara I had seen over 10 different stylists in 3 years! I am sure all of you gals can relate when I say it is SO HARD to find a good stylist!! And there are so many scenarios you can go through too;
1. I would get my hair colored and cut, it would look fabulous, and I would return in 8 weeks to do it all over again and it would look horrible the second time around! I was starting to think that as a first time client, they would take extra care and then after that you got crap!
2. They just sucked the first time and I never went back :(
3. They would use so much product and do such a terrible job styling my hair that I ended up washing my hair the second I got home. What happened to following styling trends and not letting your customer walk out of the salon looking like they walked out of the 80's? Some stylists need an updated lesson on blow outs!
4. The stylist quits and recommends you to her friend who is now doing hair...UM NO!
So, I have been through my fair share of stylist drama! But then I met Sara  (que 'the heaven gates are opening' music). She rents a space in a very small, quaint salon in Plano, TX. It is called Eco Salon.
She is the best colorist I have ever worked with and those of you who know me personally know that I not only color my hair every 8-10 weeks, but I change the color too! I am someone who loves change. I do not like things to stay the same for too long and my hair is definitely one of those things. I get so bored with my hair that even waiting 8 weeks to change it can be too long! My stylist Sara knows me so well now that each time I walk in the salon she says "ok, what are we doing this time?" I trust Sara so much that I literally could sleep in the salon chair while she does my hair, wake up, and love it! 

Here are some photos of my hair over the past few years in all different shades...

This was the very first time Sara did my hair. (I am the second one in from the left). She made me a true blonde and added extensions. Which by the way she is fantastic with extensions! These were clip-ins. She will color them to match your hair, clip them in, and then cut them to lay perfect with your own hair! So fun!

Looking back now I really love these darker pieces and low lights we added into the blonde!

Here is another all blonde...

Around Christmas I wanted to go dark but was too chicken to do it all at once so we did this in-between brown color. Not loving this one...

So I dove all in! I really love the way this looked. And my hair was so healthy too! It really makes a difference when you are adding pigment into the hair instead of stripping it out! I got compliments on my skin as well! It really pulled out the warmth in my face!

But since it is now summer I am definitely missing the blonde! So I am headed to see Sara for some bright highlights! YAY!

If you are in the Dallas area you must give Sara a try! I have recommended her to all of my friends and family and over 10 of them now see her on a regular basis!
And, if you are not in the area I am so sorry and I hope you can find a stylist that you love! I hope this post has at least inspired you to try a new color, cut, or style!

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