Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites! #5

Hey guys! So I know I've missed a few weeks of Friday Favorites! Hopefully you didn't miss them too much! I have just been crazy busy with new client projects and the terrible two's (mom's, you know what I mean!) Any who, I have 5 amazing products to share with you this week and I promise it was worth the wait!
I recently saw these new makeup removing products on an end cap at the drugstore. I am always on the lookout for those little signs that say "NEW"! I decided to try the makeup removing lotion and facial towelettes from Maybelline's new Clean line. I was definitely not disappointed!
To clean my face at night, I now use this makeup removing lotion first. I just rub it all over my face as if I was putting on moisturizer. The lotion instantly breaks down my makeup and seems to just melt it off! I then follow with the facial towelettes, working in sections to make sure everything gets removed. The towels are thin, which I love because it allows you to really mold it into all of the creases of the face. They are also not soaked in product, which I also love. And isn't the bright pink packaging so cute!? 
This product was recommended to me by my MIL. I had never heard of this before, nor did I even know that something like this existed! This PB2 is powdered peanut butter! It is so low in calories and fat compared to regular PB and it works perfectly when making protein shakes! I recently started replacing one meal a day with a protein shake to try and loose these last few stubborn baby weight pounds! I use this in almost all of my smoothies and it makes it taste like desert! It tastes so good that I almost feel like I am cheating! (and just by replacing 1 meal a day with a protein shake, I have lost 4lbs in only 2 weeks!) Give this one a try!
Being the makeup obsessed girl I am, I of course am a Sephora Beauty Insider. I get weekly emails with sales and new product information. (It's free so go sign up!) I saw last week that they had released their new Give Me Some Lip favorites. It is one box with 6 lip products, for only $25!!!! Let me tell you that one of these full sized lip products would cost you just as much! They are all high end, luxury brands such as Laura Mercier, Buxom, NARS, Sugar Rose, Bite, and Tarte. I am in love with every one of these colors. They are all so wearable and all in the pinky-mauve range. This is a must buy!!
I think I have mentioned before that my favorite blush brand on the planet is MAC. They are my go to for blush because they're blushes are SO pigmented and in the most beautiful shades! I have been using this one, Melba, for a few months now and every time I wear it I think to myself, I have to share this with the world! So, if you are in the mood to splurge a little on a blush, (I believe they are about $20) this is the one to do it on! And it's really not much of a splurge if you think about how L'Oreal blushes are in the $12 range, and this one is so pigmented that it will last you a LONG time! Try it and let me know what you think!
And last, but definitely not least, Benefit's They're Real Mascara! I have tried countless mascaras, different formulas, wands, brands, price points, etc. Nothing compares to this one for me. It is a little pricey at $27, but right now at Ulta when you buy the full size, you get a travel size for free (I have been using my travel size one for 3 months now and it is still going strong!) *Tip: Apply your first coat with the want held horizontally like you normally would, then while it is still wet, apply your second coat with just the ball tip, stroking up one lash at a time. This gives the best coverage and really helps to lengthen the lashes! LOVE IT!
I know I mentioned a few higher end items today, and I am still a huge fan of a bargain, but when I have found a product that it really worth spending the extra money on, I want you guys to know about it!
I love hearing your thoughts and feedback on the products I share, so feel free to comment below! Talk to you guys next week!





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