Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorties!! #4

This has become my new favorite brush and way to apply flawless foundation! It is the Flat Top Kabuki Blending Foundation Brush from Eco Tools. I purchased mine at Ulta for under $10!
I first place small dots of my foundation all over my face and then use this brush in circular motions to blend it all in. I then repeat the process by dabbing a few more dots all around my face and then I use the brush in a stippling motion to really push the foundation into my pores. This second step helps to not only build up your foundation for a more full coverage look, but it is the key to a smooth foundation finish!
This is the toner I have been using during my night time skin care routine. It is the H20 Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Toner. I found this little gem at TJ Maxx for only $5.99!! They have an awesome skincare section and it is my new favorite place to search for new products to try!
I soak a small cotton round in the toner and then rub it all over my face. It smells so fresh and clean and leaves my skin feeling tingly and refreshed! It also helps to grab any remaining makeup that my remover and cleanser didn't get! I honestly have noticed my skin looking brighter and healthier in just a few weeks of using this product!
These EOS lip balms are my new favorite way to moisturize my lips. They cost around $2.99 and are available at most drug stores. They come in all kinds of amazing colors and flavors too! I got mine at Target in the checkout isle. I am currently using Pomegranate. The shape is perfect for easy application and it coats your lips perfectly. I apply this every night before bed and after only 2 weeks, my lips are softer than ever! LOVE IT!
Ok, so this is the odd ball of the bunch this week since I normally focus more on skincare, cosmetics, and décor, but this was a must to share about. This is the newest craze for teaching your toddler to swim. It goes over the arms, around the chest, and then buckles in the back. I purchased this one at Target for only $19.99. It was the BEST $20 I EVER spent!
It keeps my little guys head straight up (unlike vests that tend to dip forward and shove up into their faces). After only 5 min, my son was swimming around the pool all by himself with this thing! He did not care to hold on to someone or the edge of the pool. He is only 27 months too! I recommend this to all of you mommies and daddies out there who are trying to teach your kids to swim or just want to play in the pool. You won't regret this purchase!!
Last, but certainly not least, the lip lacquer made famous by the one and only Kim Kardashian. (OK, I know we are not all fans of hers, but you can't deny her beauty or her fabulous makeup!) This NARS lip lacquer is in color Chelsea Girls and I have fallen head over heels in love. I splurged on this one after debating over it for months. You can buy NARS at Sephora and Nordstrom, as well as online. These pots are around $25. I know what you're thinking, $25 for lip gloss? Are you nuts? Yes, a little. LOL. But this is the most perfect shade of nude/pink and the formula is amazing. It is like butter! It goes on like a gloss, but has the pigmentation of a lipstick. I truly believe this color would look good on just about everyone and it will last you a very long time! Unless you become as obsessed as I am and you want to wear it every day lol.
Please leave your comments and feedback below! I love hearing your thoughts!
**I am not paid by any of these brands to try or talk about these products. These are my own opinions.  

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