Monday, April 23, 2012

The Hallway is Finished!!

  3 rooms down, lots to go...
The Hallway is finally complete! And yes, the hallway counts as a room! It is the main hallway that leads you from the entry of our home into the main living areas and passes my new office along the way.
I have taken lots of pictures and I am going to talk you through the entire design we go!

The first thing we did was add the chair rail with picture frame molding below. I painted it all white to give it that Cape Cod/Hampton's feel. On the main wall, I really wanted to display my favorite family photos. I bought these frames from Big Lots for only $12 each! I loved the idea of having them all match. And the best tip I can give you for framing photos is to make sure the frames have matting! Matting gives it a much more professional look!
I found this photo on pinterest showing different ideas on how to hang your photos. There are so many fun compositions! I liked the idea of using a shelf to add dimension. I hung 2 of the frames and leaned the 3rd on the shelf (I already had this shelf hiding in a closet!)
I printed the photos at Costco. And if you're not printing your photos at Costco, you NEED TO! They are so inexpensive, you can send them in online, they will have them done in only a few hours and they don't charge you for "one hour" printing, and the quality is amazing! I printed all of these photos for less than $10!!!

I loved the idea of using the long frame that held 3 photos to display my favorite photos of my husband and I during very important events in our lives! The first photo is an engagement photo when we were just babies at 19! The second photo is our wedding day and the 3rd photo is a maternity photo from our first pregnancy! The rest of the photos are current family photos!

From there, I used 2 candle holders to frame in the photo area. I bought these 2 candle holders at Kirkland home for $15 and then spray painted them white! I wrapped 2 old green candles with jute to give them a rustic feel.

Here is a before and after from when the house was first built and now. It is a long curved hallway. You will see the builder gave us one of those really fancy fishbowl lights (LOL) up above. Not only did I hate the look of it, but it gave off no light at all. So we replaced it with this new one!

I bought this at Cabela's!! YES I said Cabela's. The 'everything outdoor' store! They have a entire Home and Cabin section online! And it was only $39!!! I love the Harbor look and the rubbed bronze!

 Here is a before and after of the plant shelf. I didn't want too much on this little ledge, so I went with 3 hurricane lanterns and a few white twigs. I already had the lanterns and the twigs were $10 at Hobby Lobby. I just cut them down to size and set a few inside of each lantern.

This is the other side of the hallway.

 Since this side of the hall is really curved inward, I had to hang small decor items so that they wouldn't stick out. I used a clock that I had hanging in my kitchen, 2 picture frames and then my brilliant designer of a husband (don't tell him I called him that) suggested hanging a lantern with a plant hook. I LOVED that idea! So unfortunately I can't take credit for it...But, the lantern was $7.00 at Ross and the plant hook (on the plant isle) is from Lowes and was only $3.99. I love that it adds dimension to the wall!

So there you have it! Another space complete in my home! Now onto the master bedroom! I have already begun and will have some photos for you later this week! I hope this hallway will inspire you to get creative in your home and do it all on a very small budget!



  1. Love the light from Cabelas going to check them out now!!!

    1. I know! That was such an awesome find! Thank you!!

  2. What brand and paint color did you use? The beige looking one??

  3. What brand and paint color did you use? The beige looking one??

    1. Hi Jennifer, It has been over 6 years since I lived in that house, so I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the paint color! I am so sorry! I do know it was Behr paint though! Hope you can find a good beige!

  4. Wow, the Cabela's ceiling light you mentioned in this blog caught my eye and I had no idea they had a Home and Cabin option, very helpful. Thanks!

  5. You bought the light a year ago? I just looked at Cabela's online and theyare $59. :(

    1. It was almost 5 years ago....guess their prices have gone up :(