Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bringing the Outdoors In...Literally

  Ok so most of you know that we are slowly working on re-decorating our home room by room. I am one runner rug away from finishing the large hallway that connects the entryway to the rest of the house. I can't wait to share photos with you within the next few weeks. But, finding runner rugs is like looking for a needle in a haystack and I've been looking for weeks! So, since that is holding me up, I am cheating on the hallway with the living room fireplace mantle. I know, I know, I am suppose to being doing one room at a time and finishing it before I move on, and I am no where near ready for the living room. But, I keep getting inspired to decorate my mantle with moss balls, so I did. And this is where we are literally bringing the outdoors in.

I spray painted 3 old candle sticks I had shoved away with a matte white spray paint and then sanded them down to reveal the black underneath. I added the moss balls and they look so beautiful now and match our beachy, rustic style.

But, the moss balls are the highlight! I am going to take you through this easy 3 step process on how to make your own moss balls. Store bought, these can cost you $20-$40!! But, you can save tons if you just make them yourself! The green Styrofoam balls are around $3.99 and it only takes 2 packs of preserved moss to cover 3 balls. Each pack is around $3.99. It cost me less than $20 to do all 3! 

This is the green Styrofoam ball before. You want to use green instead of white so that nothing shows through the moss.

Next you need to take a small piece of the moss and lay it moss side down. You are going to use hot glue to adhere the moss to the ball, but you cannot put the hot glue directly onto the ball because it will melt from the heat. Place your hot glue onto the backside of the moss and then set the ball on it. Use pressure to hold it together for a few seconds. Repeat this process until there is no more Styrofoam showing.

This is the Styrofoam ball completely covered.

And here is the finished product! They look just like the store bought version! Maybe even better! Remember to think outside the box when decorating!! I love using candlesticks to hold items other than candles! Use decorative balls, vases filled with decor, picture frames, anything you can dream up!

Ok, ok, now back to the hallway I promise! Pics coming soon!

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