Friday, January 20, 2012

Jute Wrapped Vases

Hey guys! I know its Friday and I am just now putting up a new post, but I have been pretty busy all week with new clients! I have been working on all kinds of small projects. Check out my Facebook page for some of the latest! and even more to come next week!

So today I wanted to share another tip for re-using the decor you have and turning it into something you love! I am all about recycling decor. Remember just because it is not the right style or color, doesn't mean you have to throw it out. If it has good lines or a good shape, you can change it to make it perfect for your space!

Last week while my little man was napping, I worked on this project of turning 2 green metal vases into gorgeous jute wrapped vases! I used a lot of green while decorating our last home and when we moved into this house, I kept it all hoping that I could use it someday. Unfortunately green just wasn't a part of the new color pallet, so now I have all of this perfectly good decor stashed away for decor refinishing projects!

I am working on decorating my office right now and I knew I wanted some tall vases to sit in the corner of the room. While rummaging through all of my 'green' decor, I found these 2 matching green metal vases. I started to brainstorm what I could do to change them to work in my new space. Painting them was an obvious choice, but I wanted something more than that. I was inspired by an episode of Nate Berkus where they were covering all kinds of things with fabric, lace, rope, etc. That is when I got the idea to wrap them in Jute.

I went to my local Hobby Lobby store and found a 900ft spool of jute for $16.99 and I had a 40% off coupon! (BTW: you can sign up for free weekly coupon e-mails on Hobby Lobby's website and you don't even have to print them out. Show them the coupon on your phone during checkout and you'll have instant savings!)

I knew I wanted to start wrapping the vase with the jute from the top of the vase. This way if I ended up with any imperfections, they would be at the bottom of the vase where no one would see them! So I flipped the vase upside down since it was easier to work from the bottom up. I just ran a small line of hot glue around the top of the vase and then layed the jute right on top. I continued this over, and over, and over, and over again until I got to the bottom.

Let me tell you that this part takes a lot of time. Remember above where I mentioned that I did this while my little man was napping? Well, make that 2 days worth of naps lol! It went a lot faster on the second vase because by that time I knew what I was doing and I had a really good rhythm down. It also takes a ton of hot glue. I have a small hot glue gun and I even had to make a run to the craft store for more hot glue because I ran out halfway through the first vase. It probably took over 30 mini glue sticks to finish both vases.

Overall, this was a fun project and although time consuming, it was a little therapeutic. Every once and a while I love a project that is almost mind numbing. Simple, yet you have to focus so hard that it takes your mind off everything! This is the final product and I am really happy with the way they turned out! They work perfectly in my new space! Another decoration recycled! What item in your home can you recycle today??

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