Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blank Space Turned Cozy Breakfast Nook!


Breakfast Nook Navy and Orange
I am always a fan of before and after photos, but my absolute favorite ones are when the before is a completely blank slate! What a transformation!

Breakfast Nook Navy and Orange
This is the design inspiration board I did for my client.


Before the space was just a blank corner. It is a little nook off the kitchen and informal dining room.

My original idea was to use an L shaped couch/bench and have a custom buffet with shelving hutch built. My client even had the genius idea to add a side door into the buffet for a dog kennel! I LOVE when design can be functional and beautiful at the same time!!

This was an old mirror that my client already had and it just needed a little love!

Tall lighting sconces mirror makeover
This is the mirror after I painted it and gave it a faux gold finish! I try to incorporate thoughtful details into every space I design. Not everything has to be pre-made or store bought. Shop your home first and see how you can customize pieces to fit your space! Check out some of these other "shop your home" projects I have done in the past!

Breakfast Nook Navy and Orange
Doesn't this little nook just make you want to curl up with a cup of coffee and a book?!

Breakfast Nook  with bookcase Navy and Orange
I love this unique color palette of Navy, Orange, and Taupe!

Navy and Orange pillows
Pillows and a throw blanket always add warmth to a space!

Breakfast Nook bookcase
I really love styling bookcases. You can have so much fun with books, small décor items, picture frames, color, mementoes, etc. My design rule is to play with quantity and scale until you find a composition you like! Treat each shelf as its own space.

Breakfast Nook L shaped bench
How gorgeous are these sconces?! I love how unique they are and how they help to fill the wall space!

Breakfast Nook Navy and Orange
When shopping for bookcase décor, I always like to buy more than I need and after I style the items the way I like, I will take back anything leftover.

Breakfast Nook L shaped bench round table
Decorating with odd numbers will never steer you wrong! 3 pillows, 3 table décor items, etc...

Breakfast Nook Navy and Orange

do one thing everyday that makes you happy
My inspirational find from Michael's, "Do one thing everyday that makes you happy". What a great quote to live by!


  1. Absolutely love this! Just stunning xx

  2. This is just gorgeous!! Now I want a breakfast nook in my home! :)

    1. Thank you Amanda! Happy to hear that I have inspired you!

  3. The sconces are a perfect addition, and I love the kennel, what a great use of space!

    1. Thank you Brenda! I am in love with these sconces too and I just love anything that can be beautiful on the outside, yet functional on the inside!