Wednesday, January 14, 2015

$30 Garage Door Makeover!

Garage Door Makeover
My favorite posts are always the ones where I can share how to achieve such a huge transformation for very little money!! This is one of those posts!
About 6 months ago, we bought an older home in the country that needed a lot, and I mean A LOT, of love! Of course there were so many projects to choose from, it was hard to know where to start, but this forest green eye sore seemed like a pretty good place...

I know this photo is a little blury...I had to steal it from the real estate listing lol! You can see that the garage is your basic, builder grade style, only this one has a fabulous shade dark forest green! Which honestly wouldn't be too horrible if there were some other accents painted in the same color on the exterior of the house...but there aren't! We had a green garage, brown siding, purple get my drift.

Garage Door Makeover
So, I decided to paint it! I used an exterior paint (Sherwin Williams, Roman Column). It is a shade of white, but with a warm, cream undertone. Don't you just love my little helper in this pic? 

Garage Door Makeover
It only took 2 coats to cover and this is how it turned out! The final touch was adding some decorative garage door hardware. All for looks of course, but this entire kit at Lowes was under $20!! With the help of a drill, I installed it all myself in less than 10 minutes! Isn't the transformation just amazing!?
People who have seen it in person have asked me if the handles in the middle hit the top of the garage when it is opening, but they don't at all. They are made to fit just perfectly!
If you have been wanting to make a change on the exterior of your home, this is such a great way to start. You can be the least handy person you know and still accomplish this! Think about all of the color possibilities too! Shades of Brown, Gray, White, Khaki, would all look fantastic on a garage door!
Please leave your questions, comments, and makeover stories below! I would love to help you get started! And remember, the best compliment I can receive, is knowing that I inspired you in some way!

Now go buy some paint!!



  1. Wow! What a difference! Its so much lighter and brighter!!!

    1. Thank you so much Christine! We love it!!

  2. I love this change!
    That green paint it was before was a "bold" choice! Lol.
    I need to paint my garage door, it is a different shade of white than the trim around it, and it drives me nuts!

    I'd love for you to join me at Talented-tuesday-link-party that is live right now!
    -Kristina @

  3. Thank you so much Kristina! I don't think the previous owners had a design bone in their bodies choosing that green lol! I will definitely check out your link party! Thanks!

  4. My wife actually bought one of these from another rep for the same company at a local fair a few weeks ago. After she used it, I realized I had forgotten how bright our kitchen flooring used to be! This system is great because I don't have to spend money every month on pad refills and cleaners.

    Greg Marshall @ Crawford Door Of WNY Inc

  5. Makes the door look so much better. A lot lighter and brighter. Makes it really stand out. Great project for my wife and I to do for our home. Our garage needs a make over and you have given me great ideas of things to try. I really like your blog keep up all the hard work. All the best.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

  6. This is an extremely well written and informative article.And I really like the way you have explained each and everything so well. Very well done with the article!

  7. What a transformation! I like how the light paint highlights the squares on the door. I will have to look for the hardware kit that you mentioned. The black handles and hinges against the white paint really add interest to the garage door and give it some character. It’s amazing what a different color of paint can make on a garage door.