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Monogram Applique Pillow Tutorial

 Monogram Applique Pillow Tutorial

monogram applique tutorial stencil
I always begin any applique with a stencil. You can draw it out yourself, print it, or trace it.
I found the font and size I wanted for my letters and traced them onto lined paper. You can use printer paper, but I tend to like lined since it is so sheer.

monogram applique tutorial interfacing
You will then need to trace your stencil onto fusible interfacing. If you haven't used fusible interfacing before, just go to your local craft store and ask where it is. Normally a small roll is about $6 and that seems to last me forever!
Lay your interfacing on top of your stencil and trace it. I like to use a marker so that it can be seen from both sides of the interfacing once I am done.

monogram applique tutorial fusible interfacing
The bumpy side of the fusible interfacing is the part that you will iron down to your fabric. Keep in mind that the underside of the fabric will be your front (the side you see on the pillow). This photo shows the backside. Using a high heat setting, slowly press the interfacing until it adheres to your fabric.

monogram applique tutorial letters
Now your letters are ready to cut out! I use very sharp fabric scissors to get a clean cut. The interfacing helps the to make the fabric more sturdy and less likely to fray along the edges.

monogram applique tutorial stitching
Now I have been used to using single sided fusible interfacing (meaning only one side will adhere), but when it comes to laying down my appliques, I have to pin them to my fabric and make sure they don't shift around. I have been sewing for over 20 years, so this is just second nature to me, but it you are a beginner, you may want to get double sided fusible interfacing (where both sides adhere). This way after you fuse the interfacing to your letters, you can then fuse your letters directly to your fabric and they won't move when you are stitching around the edges.

monogram applique tutorial pillow
I used this cute western looking stitch for my boys' monogram pillows since their room has a more masculine/rustic feel. But, most of the time, I like the simple look of a zig zag stich (which you can find on any sewing machine). Use a scrap piece of fabric to test how tight you want you stitch to be, and once you a re ready, just sew along the outside edge of each letter! Tip: GO SLOW! This is not a race! Take your time to turn around each little curve.

monogram applique tutorial pillow
And here is the finished product!

monogram applique tutorial pillow
Isn't this just the perfect finishing touch on the bed? My boys share a room with 2 twin beds, so I loved the idea of having their own monogrammed pillows to show whos bed is whos!

monogram applique tutorial pillow
I used a khaki pillow slipcover from Ikea (only $4)! and stuffed them with some old throw pillows I had laying around the house. This is such an inexpensive project and may just inspire you to take your sewing skills from straight stitch, to applique wiz! You can literally cut out any letters and shapes you would like and just  follow the same steps above!

Leave any questions or comments below and remember that inspiring you is the biggest compliment I can receive!!

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