Thursday, November 20, 2014

Build a Nursery with Me!! Part 2

Woodland Nursery Design Board!

This is the room before. The color was an awful shade of minty green!

Then I got the hubby to paint it for me and it looks so much warmer!!

The color I used was Universal Khaki by Sherwin Williams. This shade of khaki tends to change color throughout the day. It has green and grey undertones. It definitely has the masculine feel I wanted.
Painting your space should always be the first step. It lays the base for everything else to be layered on!

The next item that I have been working on is the dresser/changing table. This photo was my inspiration!

This is the dresser before. I bought it at a flea market for $40. It was in great condition and I loved the handles just they way they were!

I sanded the dresser to remove all stain.

I also sanded the drawers. but taped off the handles to keep them protected.

And this is the after! I used a mixture of Espresso, black, and grey stains. This technique takes time and patience. I like using a sponge brush and a wash cloth, that way I can control how much stain goes on and is absorbed. I just kept applying it in layers until I achieved my desired look!

Aren't these brass handles awesome! So glad I left them.

The last project so far was this adorable Rocking Moose! I found it at Ikea for $40. The only draw back was that it was red. Who wants a red moose? Leave it to So, I decided to spray paint it with Rustoleum's Hammered spray paint.

I will say that overall, I didn't love the application of this spray paint, but it did the job.

I started by pulling the red pieces from the box. There are only 5. The other pieces are natural wood.

I lightly sanded them down by hand to give the paint a little more to adhere to.

Then they were ready to paint! It only took one coat to cover and about 48 hours to fully dry.

Once everything was really dry, I put the pieces together! Is this not adorable?! It turned out just the way I pictured it in my head!

You can kind of see the texture in this close up pic. I just love how cute this is in the room!

So, that is all for now! I am currently working on curtains, a closet system, the rug, and some of the wall art. Update coming soon!

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