Monday, November 3, 2014

Build a Nursery with Me!! Part 1

I am so excited to share this post with everyone! I am about to begin the decorating process for our 3rd baby boy's nursery and I thought I would share each and every step with you! Think of it as Nursery Decorating 101. I will be sharing everything from my decorating process, to where I am making purchases, how I am saving money, how to plan space layouts, and tons of photos along the way!

  My first step in every design I do is to build a digital Design Inspiration Board. I normally choose a theme, color palette, or style and build around that. In this case, I went with a Woodlands theme.

  This is the part where tons of research happens. I use resources such as Pinterest, Houzz, Decor Pad, Google, Etsy, etc. to find things that inspire me. From there I put them all together on a board to make sure that all of the pieces fit. Now I can begin building the space step by step.

  Working step-by-step is so important when I am working on my own home. I am always on a very tight budget, which makes the process very slow. Starting way ahead of time is key lol. I will be sharing with you the order in which I will be doing things, along with detailed blogs on each item as they are finished, but I am going to start by explaining the design board to you following the numbers you see above...

1. DIY Deer Art: I plan on purchasing 3 white canvases and a decal sticker.
2. Barn Door behind the crib: Hoping the hubby will build me something like this from reclaimed wood, then attach it to the wall directly behind the crib as a focal point.
3. DIY Wood Art: By using reclaimed wood, stain, and decals, I am pretty sure I can duplicate this look for very little money.
4. Woodland Animal Alphabet: Purchase, print, frame.
5. Antler Curtain Tie Back: I will be on the hunt for this...
6. DIY Woodland Animal Mobile: I have never had a mobile in my babies rooms, but I saw this and thought I could just use some fishing wire, a wood ring, and some woodland animal Christmas ornaments to get the look I am going for. We shall see.
7. Dresser/Changing Table: I purchased a used dresser a few months ago thinking I would use it in my other son's room, but then ended up using a different dresser. It is just sitting in the garage, waiting to be utilized! I will be working on giving the dresser this same kind of rustic stained look.
8. Plus One fabric: I am debating on this fabric for the changing pad cover. I will probably be making my own.
9. Plaid fabric: I love this plaid too for the changing pad. hmmmm decisions, decisions.
10. Crib: I will be reusing the crib that I had in my last son's nursery. It is white with a brown base and clean lines.
11. Rug: I fell in love with this Aztec print rug from Target!
12. Animal Track Art: Print, frame, hang.
13. Rocking Chair: One of the best purchases I ever made was a gorgeous rocker, recliner during my first pregnancy. I have spent so much time in that chair and it is so comfortable! But after 2 boys, the fabric is pretty sad looking. I thought about having it reupholstered, but I may just get a slipcover. Not sure yet.
14. Wood Tree Carving Art: Frame a wood patterned paper with a heart and you and your spouses initials inside (like you would see in a tree carving). Super cute personal touch.
15. Wood Stump End Table: I am on the hunt to find something like this to sit next to the chair!
16.  Wood grain pillow: Using felt on top of a cotton pillow cover, I am going to try to DIY this one too!
17. Bear fabric: I found this on Spoonflower. I love the black and orange mix. I will be using this to make a teething bumper for the front rail of the crib (to cover up those beaver teeth marks lol) Why couldn't teething bumpers be in style years ago?!
18. Tartan Plaid Crib Skirt: Planning to make the crib skirt out of a flannel plaid.
19. Toy Box: Wood crate, add wheels, stencil on TOYS. Check!
20. Orange Baskets: I definitely want to use pops of orange here and there and I think baskets is a great way to do it!
21. Leather Pouf: Not sure if this will be store bought or a DIY project, but I love the look of leather in the space for a masculine touch.
22. Sheepskin Throw: Ikea has this for like $10!
23. Moose Rocking Horse: Another Ikea hack! This moose is $40 at Ikea, but it's red, so a little paint and voila!
24. Paint: The room will be painted in Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki. Mostly because I already have a gallon sitting in the if I can just get the hubs to paint the room...
25. Sconces: I would like to hang sconces on the barn door for a fun lighting effect, and run the cords behind to the outlet.
26. Banner: I will be doing a burlap bunting name banner from one sconce to the other across the barn door.

That's all. HA! Easy right?! Sure, if I didn't already have 2 boys under 4, and a million other projects going on! Good thing I have until let's get started! 

Follow along to learn how to build your own nursery! So excited to share this process with ya'll!

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