Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beauty and Function: Formal Living Space with Room for Kids!

Most Texas homes tend to come standard with a formal living room. And a lot of my clients just aren't sure what to do with the space. Do you spend the money to decorate it so it at least looks nice, but you never seem to use it, OR turn it into something else entirely? For this client, we decided to make the space a fun, colorful, inviting space that was suitable for adults, but we used kid friendly pieces so they could be welcome too!  

Design Inspiration Board for the room

These storage ottomans were my inspiration for the space. I loved the fun colors and print, as well as the toy storage they would provide! Ottomans are so great when you have kids. You can add a tray on top for drinks when you have company, they act as coffee tables, you can put you feet up on them, and kids can crawl all over them with out getting hurt! Genius!

The large shag rug provides a soft place for kids to play!

These small bookcases with storage bins were added to hide away toys!

I added these adorable mini chalk boards in a navy color so my client could label all of the bins and keep the toys organized! How cute is that!? 

I'm in love with this bicycle pillow! It gives the room a feeling of whimsy!

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