Friday, July 19, 2013

NEW! Friday Favorites!

I have recently learned the power of recommendation  and have made product purchases I would have never even looked at, let alone purchased without a recommendation! I have fallen in love with so many new products and ideas lately that I figured why not share the love! So today I am introducing a brand new weekly blog topic, Friday Favorites! Each week I will choose a few items to share and provide costs, reviews, and photos! I would absolutely love it if you would also share your comments below! I hope everyone enjoys this new topic and it becomes something you look forward to each week!
 Never underestimate the power of filling in your eyebrows!! I have tried many eyebrow color products and this is the best one I have found yet! I am in LOVE with this brow pencil/brush duo from Maybelline!! It is so simple to use and the color is perfect! Plus it is only about $7 at your local drugstore!
 These are my new favorite nail polishes! Not only do they have the cutest colors, but they are only $2.99!! You can pretty much find them anywhere Maybelline is sold. I get compliments on the color of my nails all the time!!
 I have never used a hear protectant spray on my hair, although I probably should have. I color my hair often, blow dry, straighten, curl, and sit in the sun. It definitely gets dried out and frizzy! Normally when I blow dry my hair I can't even run a brush through it after because it is so fried and frizzy, but since I started using this, my hair is SO smooth and soft!
Just spray it on wet hair immediately before blow drying, or dry hair before using a hot tool. You can even spray it on before you lay out in the sun! It smells amazing and its only $8 at drugstores!
 So this is not going to be recommended for what you're thinking...
I saw on Pinterest that you should soak your feet in Listerine, or any mouth wash product to get all of the dead skin off. I did this the other night while giving myself a pedicure, and it really worked! I soaked for about 20min (which was too long because when I took my feet out they looked like Smurf feet lol). 10 min would have been efficient. I just followed with a pumice stone scrub, and my feet were baby soft and they still are a week later! This is a must try!!


 And I have left my favorite for last! Those of you who know me well, know that I have a recent makeup and skincare OBSESSION! At 28 years old, I am finally learning how to take care of my skin and apply my makeup the right way! I subscribe to Kandee Johnson's YouTube channel and she swears by this lemon sugar scrub. I bought the GIANT bag of organic sugar at Costco for only $10!! The cotton rounds you can get for $1 at the dollar store too! You simply squeeze fresh lemon juice on the cotton pad, followed by a little sugar and then scrub all over your face! I do this every other day and my skin looks and feels amazing! Not to mention smell good :) I will never buy facial scrubs ever again!!!
If you get a chance to try any of these products, I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad!
* I am not endorsed or paid by any of these products or companies. These are my personal opinions.


  1. I bought the eyebrow pencil and LOVE IT! Blends perfectly!

  2. The eyebrow pencil is awesome! Much better than the cover girl version I was using.