Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Transitioning from Boy to Girl!

Recently a client and good friend of mine asked if I could make some changes to her baby bedding. The bumper and blanket were made for her now 1 1/2 year old son and she is now expecting a baby girl! The bedding was in great condition and it was white. The only problem was the piping trim was grey, so we decided to add a cute peach ruffle to give it new life for the new baby!
I know you guys have heard me say time and time again, 'if it is in good condition or has good bones, make the necessary changes to make it work in your home'! The same goes for this type of project. There was nothing wrong with the bedding and a lot of work goes into making custom baby bedding, so getting rid of this one and starting from scratch just seemed silly!
I removed the grey piping and inserted a peach ruffle along all of the edges! It has a very sweet, girly feel to it now!  




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