Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Mouse Pad

As I am ALMOST finished decorating my office, I found myself in need of a new mouse pad. Of course I scoured the internet searching for a cute mouse pad that would match my decor, but found nothing. I started thinking how hard could making my own mouse pad be? I just needed to find a soft, stable base and then I thought I could add some of the left over fabric I had from when I made the curtains for the room.
So I was off to JoAnn's to see what I could find. It is amazing what you can find if you just walk the isles of a craft store and keep an open mind. Think about using items for things that they weren't necessarily made for. I came across a section with a product called  "foamies". They are foam pads that come in a few different sizes and colors. I spotted a small 5x7 pad that was the perfect size for a mouse pad.  

After I had my supplies, putting the pad together literally took all but 5 minutes. I cut down my fabric to a size slightly larger than the foam pad and turned the edges under and ironed them down for a finished look. Then I applied adhesive (you can use just about anything; spray glue, clear drying glue, etc.) and layed my fabric on top. DONE!

It looks to cute! I love adding small touches to a space that makes it look as though you really thought of everything when decorating. And this project cost me about a dollar! Hopefully you can create your own mouse pad to match your space. Think of all the possibilities; so many different fabrics, colors, and shapes you could use! 

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