Monday, December 12, 2011

Entry Way: CHECK!

So I know I mentioned last week that the entry way was almost complete and I was anxiously awaiting a runner rug I had ordered. It finally came and I was able to take photos of the room totally finished! I pulled out the photos we first took of our home 2 years ago when we were finished building, so these truly are before and after photos.

When designing, I love to work in layers. I normally always start with curtains and textiles. They are a great jumping off point for style and color palette. But, in an entryway you don't normally have windows that need curtains so in this case I started with the faux wallpaper paint finish in the niches. You can read my 'how to' post on that here...

Once that was complete, we did the wainscoting on the opposite wall. This was very simple and done with MDF boards. I then painted it all white to give it that beachy look and feel. This really helped to give the space some detail.

From there I began to decorate with furniture, decor, photos, lighting, rugs, etc. It is all about balance and playing with a mix of height and texture. The entry table I found at Home Goods on clearance for under $200 because it had a small chip in the glass. The lamps were also Home Goods at only $30 each! JoAnn's is also a great store for half price home decor...not many people think about JoAnn's when it comes to home decor. The chandelier was under $200 at Home Depot. The rug was only $30 on So you can see that I got everything in the room for a steal! One thing I pride myself on is how good I am at bargain shopping and I use that skill with every client I work with! It feels that much better decorating a room when you know you got the best deal on everything in it!

We are so happy with the way this room turned out. Our entry way is not only the entrance into our home, but it also acts as a hallway into the front of the home where most of our bedrooms are, so I walk through this room many times a day. I love the feeling I get just walking through this room. It is such a good feeling to not only know that it is complete, but that it is decorated in a style that my husband and I both love. We also worked together on completing this room and added some personal touches that makes it that much more special.

I hope that you can take some decorating tips away from this space and also learn that you don't have to have a ton of money to spend on decorating to make it feel warm and inviting. It's amazing how having a nicely decorated space can make you feel so good. And remember, if you are in the Dallas area I would love to help!

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