Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY-Established Sign

If you read my post on DIY Art with Meaning, you know how important it is to me to have art in my home that has meaning to my family. I think this is so important for every home and it can be so inexpensive and fun to make!
I came across this piece of metal in a discount decor store on the clearance isle. TIP: I ALWAYS check the clearance isle at every store!! There was a paper banner along the front that was all torn up, but the overall shape and style of the piece looked great! I knew just by looking at the shape it would be the perfect piece to create an Established sign. I thought something like this would go great in my entry way. This way, when guests entered my home, they would see when our 'home' was established.

Here are the steps I took to get the finished product!

This is what the piece looked like before. I first began by scraping off the paper that was in the center using Goof-Off. This stuff is amazing for removing any label, sticker, tag, etc.

I decided I wanted to use more of the left over blue paint from the entry way, but I wanted it to have a warn/shabby chic look to it. So I began by painting it dark brown (more left over paint I had from the last art project). Once that was dry I gave it a coat of blue paint. When that layer was dry I began using a fine grain sanding sponge. I only rubbed over the raised areas to give it a naturally aged/warn look. I then used a stencil to trace the letters and numbers onto the metal and painted them in with a tiny paint brush and some black acrylic paint. Once again I used the sanding sponge just lightly over the letters and numbers once dry to give them a warn look as well.

And here is how it turned out! I used Est. 2006 because that is the year my husband and I were married so for me, our 'home' began then. But you could use any year. The year you bought your home, the year your first baby was born, etc. I also wanted to give it a little more interest than just hanging it on the wall, so I found an old plate stand and leaned it on that! Now it is on the main table in our entry way for all to see! I hope this helps you to continue to add 'art with meaning' into your home!

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