Friday, April 10, 2015

One Incredible Dresser Transformation!

Are you in need of some furniture painting inspiration? Well this post is for you!!

Dresser transformation

Dresser transformation
My neighbor was going to throw this dresser in the dumpster until I willingly took it off his hands! It was a gorgeous shade of maple (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?). Although the color wasn't what I was looking for, the shape and drawers were perfect. Plus I was really in love with the small metal details in the middle of the dresser! 

Dresser transformation
I began by sanding the entire thing down with an electric sander. This was quite the process, but I knew I wanted to stain it, so it had to be done!

Dresser transformation
Looks better already right?!

Dresser transformation
I love how you can see the wood grain. 

Dresser transformation paint and stain
And here is the finished product! I stained the dresser a deep brown color, and painted the drawers with SW Seal Skin (my favorite dark grey). 

Dresser transformation new hardware
I traded out the old dated hardware for these new brushed nickle ones. 

Dresser transformation
It is the perfect dresser in my boys' room. It has a masculine, rustic, industrial feel that goes so well in the space! Oh and by the way, that adorable framed quote above the dresser is available for FREE on my blog! Just click here for the free download!

What furniture piece do you have that could use some new paint and stain?! Do you have a piece you recently finished that you would like featured on Style with Wisdom? Just comment below!

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