Friday, August 10, 2012

Striped Curtains

Hey guys! I have to apologize to my regular followers for not posting very much lately! I have been so busy with new clients and chasing after my 14 month old, that unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat! So this morning I have scheduled time in to write this new post on custom made striped curtains!

Aren't they so cute!? A client and good friend of mine, and I had been obsessed with all these horizontal striped curtains we kept seeing on Pinterest. So, when she asked me to make her curtains for her living room, I knew I had to use stripes! I went to every fabric store in the Dallas area and had NO LUCK! So, I decided to make my own stripes.
I bought white premade panels from Ikea (only $20/pair) and some khaki canvas cloth fabric. I cut out the stripes to the width I wanted and stitched them down to the white curtains. But, I am not gonna lie, they were NOT easy! There is a lot of math involved and A LOT of stitching! But, they turned out beautiful!

My client absolutely loves them and I love them so much that I am contemplating making some for my own living room... :)

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